Club Activities

Public Starparties and Presentations

The Northwoods Explorers schedules starparties throughout the area each year, often at Libraries or other locations such as the Lakeland Discovery Center in Manitowish Waters. Soon we'll have our calendar working. For now we have scheduled a program on our nearest star, the Sun, during the day on Aug 6th, and an evening program to view Saturn and Jupiter through telescopes on October 2nd. 

We try to make the most of your visit. We use bright green lasers to point to the stars and constellations, and telescope eyepieces that make it easy to view.

Citizen Science

There are many projects available for individuals to help NASA and others with their scientific studies.

Celestial Study


Many of our members enjoy learning how to improve their observing skills through imaging, using specialized cameras and telescopes. It can be very rewarding to discover how to incorporate the many tools available to produce an accurate image of our Universe in amazing detail.

Video Astronomy


Video astronomy is another way to observe the sky. Celestial objects are viewed on a video screen instead of looking through the eyepiece in the telescope.

Our eyes operate in real-time. What we see is what's happening right now. When looking at celestial objects that are many light years distant, they appear very dim. The color sensors in our eyes are not sensitive enough to see color when there isn't enough light.

When using a video system, the photons are summed, sensitivity is increased, allowing some objects to be seen in color.

Using a video screen also helps to point out certain features of what we're observing in a group setting. It is also beneficial for those that have difficulty looking though the eyepiece.

To view a community of active video astronomers, visit this site:

Educational programs

We can provide materials and programs for local schools, libraries, and science centers. Much of our material comes from NASA/JPL's Nightsky Network.


The NightSky Network has developed hundreds of scientist-tested hands-on activities. Browse the database here:

Model Rocket Launches

We are working on a safe launch site for the rockets we put together. We follow the safety guidleines from the National Association of Rocketry.

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