The Northwoods Explorers of Space and Astronomy is a group of individuals who are on a mission of discovery in astronomy and space exploration. 

We support these organizations:


Jet Propulsion Laboratory

The Nightsky Network

The International Dark Sky Association

The National Association of Rocketry

The Gateway Foundation

Northwoods Explorers Association Management


Jim Head 

Started an interest in Astronomy and space travel as a kid, built first telescope as a teenager, helped NASA map the moon in preparation for the Apollo missions.

NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador since 2004

Past president, outreach coordinator for the Mt. Diablo Astronomical Society.

Retired enjoying the Northwoods tinkering with telescopes and public outreach.

Vice President

Bob Krueger

A retired U.S. Air Force pilot/navigator, Space Studies masters student at UND and a local businessman in Arbor Vitae Wisconsin. His interests include celestial navigation, human space flight and exploration, space human factors, orbital mechanics, planetary geology and artificial gravity rotational structures.





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