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When we look up into the night sky on a clear night, we experience a connection

with the natural world that dates back to the beginning of time.


The Northwoods Explorers purpose is to foster interest in the skills used to observe our incredible Universe and to help students and the general public learn more about our place in Space through presentations and stargazing events using high quality telescopes and other activities supported by NASA, JPL, and others.  

We support:


Schools, Libraries, Camps, and the Wisconsin Northwoods Community

Jet Propulsion Laboratory
The Nightsky Network
The American Association of Variable Star Observers
Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers 
The International Dark Sky Association
The National Association of Rocketry
The Gateway Foundation
The Tau Zero Foundation

Northwoods Explorers of Space and Astronomy, Inc. 

A 501(c)3 non-profit public charity corporation in the state of Wisconsin.



Jim Head 

NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador 

Past president and  outreach director for the Mt. Diablo Astronomical Society (, Past Mt. Diablo Observatory Association Board memberBio

Vice President

Bob Krueger

All Planetary Space Consultant

A retired U.S. Air Force pilot/navigator, MS in Space Studies at UND and a local businessman in Arbor Vitae Wisconsin. His interests include celestial navigation, human space flight and exploration, space human factors, orbital mechanics, planetary geology and artificial gravity rotational structures.


Katherine Head


Pat Pechura


Lora Hagen

Public Affairs

(Informing media of our upcoming events)


Membership Coordinator


Media/Visual Simulation/Animation Director

(Space videos for planetariums and other venues)


Mailing Address:


Northwoods Explorers of Space and Astronomy, Inc.

PO Box 1213

Minocqua, WI 54548

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