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I'If you're curious about our incredible Universe, or just want to find out what it's like to look through a telescope,  visit one of our starparties,  It's very enjoyable looking at the Milky Way through a good telescope.

For casual observing, we use lasers that seem to reach the stars to help guide the way.

We can also arrange to bring our equipment and hands-on activities to your group or association. 

Email your request to: TheNorthwoodsExploers@gmail.com

We can provide, at no cost to you, scientist-tested hands-on activities that are best suited for your age group. From discovering the scale of our solar system and the Milky Way, to learning about our closet star, our Sun, your group is ensured to be enthused!

Astronomy 101 Classes

We will soon be offering Astronomy 101 classes for the general public. 

Telescope Sharing

We have a few telescopes that can be borrowed to help you learn how they work. There are a few requirments...

Model Rocket Program

Learn how to build and launch real model rockets. Some members belong to the National Association of Rocketry. All procedures follow safe guidelines.

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